Expired 2013 Call for Submissions



Submit a 100-250 word piece of flash fiction, poetry or creative non-fiction in response to this photo. You might use the detail of the photo to inspire a story or to recount something from your life. The photo might lead to a poem as well. The more creative and thought-provoking, the better.


  • Please post a title for your work, the genre, your profession, your age, your current location and your name as you would like these to appear on the website
  • Please include your email address for contact purposes only; your email will not be published or shared
  • The deadlines has been extended to Sunday, December 8th, 2013 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time
  • Consider writing and editing in Microsoft Word or a similar program to save your work
  •  Cut and paste into the form below rather than writing and editing in the form below; click submit before navigating away from the page
  • Please one submission at a time; no multiple submissions
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable
  • Please submit only original, unpublished manuscripts
  • This project will hold exclusive rights (on the Internet and in print) to your piece for 365 days, after which you will retain the rights; your story will remain archived online
  • Should your work be published in a collection at some later date, I would appreciate the standard acknowledgment
  • Visit this site after December 9th to view everyone’s work
  • Up to 100 reasonable and thought-provoking contributions will be edited, compiled according to genre and published on this site by Monday, December 9th, 2013; you will then be able to comment on each other’s work
  • By submitting your work, you are acknowledging that you agree to all of the above Terms and Conditions should I select to use your work for our publication


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